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Pray and Believe

As Christians we are sometimes interrupted by the Holy Spirit. We can either obey the spirit or ignore it completely. I heard a story of a famous oil field called Yates Pool: During the depression this field was a sheep ranch owned by a man named Yates. Mr. Yates couldn’t make enough on his ranching operation to pay the principal and interest on the mortgage, so he was in danger of losing his ranch. With little money for clothes or food, his family (like many others) had to live on government help. Day after day, he grazed his sheep over the rolling West Texas hills, greatly troubled about how he would pay his bills. Then a seismographic crew from an oil company came into the area and told him there might be oil on his land. They asked permission to drill a wildcat well, and he signed a lease contract. At 1,115 feet they struck a huge oil reserve. The first well came in at 80,000 barrels a day. Many subsequent wells were more than twice as large. In fact, 30 years after the discovery, a government test of one of the wells showed it still had the potential flow of 125,000 barrels of oil a day. And Mr. Yates owned it all. Yet, he’d been living on relief. He was worried about his bills but was living on top of an endless supply of oil. A multimillionaire was living in poverty. I wonder how many Christians there are in the world who are living in spiritual poverty? They are standing on a goldmine of spiritual resources, but they haven’t tapped into the spirit of God that is freely available to them. Charles Haddon Spurgeon said, “A church in the land without the Spirit is rather a curse than a blessing. If you have not the Spirit of God, Christian worker, remember that you stand in somebody else's way; you are a fruitless tree standing where a fruitful tree might grow.” Heh you guys, we need the Spirit of God desperately in the days that we live in. We need a fresh flow of the spirit of God moving in our lives. We need the power of Holy Spirit here in this church. Mathew 7:7 says, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

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