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No Compromise

In 2008 The Barna Group asked a group of Christian adults, if there were any of eight immoral behaviors that were committed by them during the past week. Those behaviors included looking at pornography, using profanity, gambling, gossiping, engaging in sexual intercourse with someone to whom they were not married, retaliating against someone, getting drunk, and lying. Surprisingly, many of those Christians who were surveyed agreed to not just doing one of those but many of those immoral behaviors and that was just in one week. If there is one thing that is causing erosion in our churches in America today it has to be compromise. Compromise by way of definition is, to make a shameful or disreputable allowance. It is giving in to temptation without considering the consequences. One winter a hunter went out into the forest to shoot a bear so that he could make a warm coat out of this animal. Well, he saw a bear coming toward him and he, raised his gun, took aim, and was getting ready to shoot him. All of sudden the bear said, “Wait,” “why do you want to shoot me?” The hunter replied, “Because I am cold,” The bear responded, “But I am hungry,” “Heh, maybe we can reach an agreement.” Well, that was a bad idea because in the end, the hunter was wearing the bear’s fur, but that was because the bear had eaten the hunter for dinner. Compromise got this hunter killed, and in the same way compromise will kill us if we don’t get it under control. It’s never a good idea to converse or to have a meeting with the devil. That is where Eve in the Garden of Eden went wrong. The bible says, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 We never win when we try to compromise with sin because it will consume us in the end!

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